I met Rachel a few months ago at my friend Sandra’s birthday party at Chotto Matte in London.

I was immediately captured by her sophisticated humor and her incredibly strong energy.

I loved her even more when I discovered that she founded and designed a very funky, urban chic brand of single speed, limited edition bikes, called Brake Bikes.


Like me, she is very conscious about the environment and she actively respects the planet by using public transport and bikes whenever its possible.

Her concept was born in L.A. and developed in London. The result is a phenomenal fusion of Californian vib and British tradition, which keeps you fit by using your own bodyweight: just what the Doctor ordered!

Rachel is an inspiration “simply” because she is an enlightened soul and a woman who is actively committed to transform the world.

I simply ADORE her and her bikes! Let’s hope that she will design a “mum edition” soon!

Here’s what she said about herself:

What’s your name? Rachel Thomas

 Where are you from? Blackheath, London

 Where do you live? Blackheath, London

 How old are you? 33 forever

 What are your talents? I am a compassionate doer: I take action & I think about others

What do you do for living? 100 % committed to Brake Bikes

 What inspires you? People, especially the ones who have achieved something truly important for them; Life; Challenge, for it inspires me to change

 What is your contribution to the world? I create environmental way to keep fit and save the planet on bikes; I am a Kabbalah student who mentors other students; I am a leading example for teen agers with type 1 diabetes: I encourage and inspire them to overcome their challenges and live a life they love.

 What is important to you? That everybody can change and everybody can be a better person and fulfil their potential


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