Brake audience must know..


All bikes are all sourced out of Taiwan.


Bikes arrive in London in one box, part assembled.


once Purchased then straight to a professional mechanics who are trained in full assembly and servicing of the majority of bikes sold (in London )

If the new address is outside of London. Bikes will be sent to the local bike shop where a mechanic will be qualified for the job in hand.


Brake recommends all maintenance to be carried out by a professional, however, jobs such as punctures may be attempted under the supervision and pumping up the tyre can be rewarding this we would recommend trying.


So in short. Buy a Brake bike is easy, the idea of the brand is a simple lifestyle.

We design, someone does the mechanics you ride.

Pump the Jam  this weekend not necessarily your tyres. Click to listen to Pump Up the JamTechnotronic