I was chatting with a friend this week, about the series of Brake’s blogs, with the intention of narrowing down who, and what audience we are for…

And NOT for,

He said…

“Brake is for those who understand the simplicity of a Boris Bike and now want their own Bike that is sexy!” 

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Needless to say there are some very elegant, fashionable , stylish Boris Bike riders. Just waiting to go to the next level.. 

Kendel Jennerr and Pixie Lott on A Santander Bike, is the Fashion, the style, the look, and simplicity of being in a city and having access to a bike…





THE NEXT Bike for YOU is a Brake Bike 

You care about bikes also being : Lightweight, Simple to use, Easy to maintain. [see previous Blog ] looking AWESOME and FeelingGreat.





United Colours Of Benetton 

Ohhhh But Where Can I store the bike……….. Solutions to follow.