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Summer 2013

Hello Brakers.

Wow what an amazing summer we have had.

Brake has been busy and having a great time too, we’ve  showcased the bikes at some really fun places. From Watergate Bay to Penge,  From the Kings Road to the Olympic Park, it’s been a ride.

Rachel has had a few personal journeys along the way too!!!!

With the excitement of being part of  Boardmasters, a surfing and music festival at Fistral beach, came the horror of ZERO accommodation being Cornwall’s busiest week of the year. Keenly being advised part of the festival you get allocated “staff’ camping. I asked about the VIP site where I believe it may have just been a case that the grass maybe greener. Having fallen into the illusion of what now, I reassured myself it would be only for 3 nights and will be good for the soul and a life experience. To then receive the full press kit notifying that all retailers had to set up on the Tuesday for the  start of business on Wednesday morning.

This turned a three night camping experience into an unrealistic living nightmare, SIX nights camping (still zero hotel accommodation). With advise,  comfort and next  to counselling efforts from dear family and friends, along with loans of all the elitist camping gear. One is ready as can be for the challenge ahead.

After a six hour solo drive, to beautiful Cornwall with it’s magnificent waters and sandy bays. I unload the Bikes and Brake products i need to set up shop and head to the overwhelming campsite 4 miles along the coast.

Totally out of any possible scenario one could have pre determined,  with the task of setting up the huge tent i insisted i took ( where would my wardrobe of clothes go huh??) i looked as daft as i could, (non intentionally one must add) i soon attracted of a neighbour. He  and his wife where soon putting the tent up and kindly engaging the steps of erecting the tent. Even after diagrams, video’s and instructions my father kindly delivered, to a non plus daughter who said Look i am not putting the tent up, i will get a man too.

Being a newly celebrated feminist,t here are still boundaries where it is good for a man to man stuff and for a woman to gracefully… let him get on with it.

First night – terrible, cold and damp,

Second night – i got a loo for the porch way, what a dream, slept well.

Third night –  torrential rain and wind, tent needed 2am repairs. WOKEN up by the greenest, prickllyist, biggest cricket in my hair. my heart rate went through the roof

Forth night – slept like a baby even had a lie in! and almost late for work at the beach.

Fifth and sixth partied at the music festival to bassment jaxx and grandmaster flash slept great.

The bikes where loved on the south coast as much as the are in London, i  was encouraged with the range to leave a limited amount of bikes in the Cornwall area, waiting on a preferred supplier now to choose.

We have also exhibited at The Urban East festival at the first Anniversary for the Olympic park in July, that was very special and a humbling day for all. Check out our for the fun we had there.

We tried the new Pop up shop on the Kings Road, which was an experience working with 10 other strong minded designers, and showcasing the bikes to another location.

As an ex city trader,  financial market maker and an attempted Hollywood film producer, nothing ever comes from relying on others I believe hard work along with humility and determination.  I am experiencing and developing in so many ways that i could not imagine. And thriving along the process. And why?  because i believe in BRAKE and I love the Bikes.

I would love to mention with thanks to Michael Caine (RAFFLES CLOTHES SHOP BLACKHEATH) for continual support of local businesses and Brake as a start up. David Wright for becoming the famous shop in Blackheath with “the bike in the window” Louise at Urban East Bazaar, Toby from nine vision, Lewisham Bike shop, Paul and Rob for all the advice on bikes, customers, and how to be real in business. Mister Greenwich @mistergreenwich for all the Re-Tweets, and Frazer & Julia for all the camping advise and camping equipment. (i had all the gear and no idea)





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Happy New Year Brakers.

I have some exciting news regarding where to see the bikes. Michael the owner of Raffles Men and Women Fashion Shop,  has offered Brake Bike his  shops forecourt to exhibit the bikes.

We are very excited of the Blackheath pre launch show case and selling the bikes in Blackheath, London.

Have you all noticed the Window Display in Chandler Wright Salon. David Wright is behind the local brand of Brake.

As a local entrepreneur, resident and community member it is great to have the support from friends in Blackheath.

Lets each other, fellow village retailers &  community.

thanks for the support Dave, Dan, and Michael.

R. xxxx

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