At Brake HQ we have been busy. We have extended the Brand into East London which has proved a successful market, No wonder Brick Lane Bikes and look Mum no Hands started there.

We have showcased at a Designer Show and have been at The Old Truman Brewery Backmarket. Where I will be doing my Christmas shopping this year, there are some wonderful gift ideas.

Some exciting news is that, we where in the Netherlands, Amsterdam for almost a week, filming with my good friend Paul Fisher, on his new TV series I can make you a supermodel It is the concept of the TV show “Remodeled”  one step further.

Quote from RTV

“Each episode finds Paul and his team seeking out a specific girl or boy for a specific brand that might include the likes of  Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Massimo miu miu, Prada, or Louis Vuitton. Paul stated, “Me and my team are scouring the streets of Holland to find this one kid, this one special face for a very, very special designer…. In the season premiere, I take a pig farmer, a 17-year-old pig farmer, and watch what I do with her. I put her on the f’ing map.”

Brake bikes will be used by the team in episode 5 biking around  Amsterdam to find their next Supermodel.

The last Girls Paul found the two Ju’s opened for Prada, Miu Miu and Barcelona Gusto at NYC fashion week 2013.

The show starts Monday 14th March 9pm on RTL 5.

We then came back to reality when standing in a field at Cambridge Freshers week 2 days later.

November is looking really busy & fun we have been invited to exhibit by the great Toby Gwazdacz  fromVision nine at the Freeze Festival on  Clapham common from 27th Nov. We are doing an event alongside DJ Lisa Loud and friends at Pearls and Jumble (vintage) and Designers show at The Book Club. This friday we are having a fun open day at The dry Goods store in Maida Vale that Yasmeen and her great coffee shop is hosting.

keep up to date on www.twitter.com/brakebikes & www.facebook.com/brakebikes

Keep warm, and lights  on the Urban Catwalk this Autumn.

Rachel xxxx