Brake bikes took to the streets of Manchester this week.
At first appeared Manchester to be bike friendly.  But the visual absence and the pot  holed roads didn’t take me long to find out it’s not so bike friendly..

We are looking for brand compatible stockists in cities in the UK.

Manchester is high on our to tick list.
We spoke with many of the local businesses and residents and had fun at dusk til pawn  and at the living room.

The hotel Abode was superbly situated for exploring the city.
Also bike friendly .
The staff and accommodation was excellent and would definitely recommend and stay here next time.

Dinner at Michael Caines restaurant was easy after a long  day cycling to just head downstairs to the Abode restaurant.

Brake ventured out to Didsbury  and west  Didsbury via the university curry mile  all ideal  for  a brake bike.
Although the “cycle lanes ” need a lot of consideration. As do the buses to accommodate cyclist in Manchester.

Our purple single speed   stood the test of fair share of pot holes, the occasional cycle lane,  a cycle path,  buses and more pot holes.

We loved the city and see your Brake there soon.