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London Fashion

London fashion week and Milan Fashion week are imminent.

Brake gets exposure in the Victoria Beckham edition on The London Fashion magazine this month in LFW edition.

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london fashion mag sep 2015

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Why Purple ?

HERE IS WHY… A Purple Patch, Purple haze, Purple rain and Purple Brake.

The colour Purple is often thought as a colour of healing, prosperity, vibrance and Royalty.
The Imperial State Crown: Cullinan II
A Purple patch refers to a run of good luck, success and glory.
Jimi Hendrix wrote about a song called purple haze,  contrary to rumours about it being drug related it is an account of a dream he had had.
Prince sang about Purple rain and starred in the movie. He won an Oscar and later went onto singing it with Beyoncé at the Grammy awards with rave reviews.
The colour purple Purple  (also a great  Spielberg Hollywood film starring Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg ) has been used to symbolise magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colours, purple is believed to be the ideal colour.
And not forgetting the often favoured Purple Quality street
Rachel knew she wanted a Purple Brake.
She was really specific about which purple, not a red or a  blue purple a yellow purple. Thankful for the global Pantone system she found it.
After the right purple was found, we then had to find the right choices of two other colours for the combination.
We spoke to friends at Vogue Magazine, interior designers and now had we had  three colours to work with.
We then called one of Rachel’s best friends founder of Bloxhams florists Julia Bloxham with the predicament of the final three colours to get the right TWO. We spoke about each combination and she  explained more about the colour purple, and what she suggested has the most desired effect.
And that was the first edition Purple Brake complimented with bright lime green touches and pure white rotations.
All details down to the chain have been carefully matched to compliment the effect of style and design.
Brake Bikes 7


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Art on Brake at the Kubrick’s family estate

Summertime folks

The Nepal fundraiser Art on Brake by Grafeeny was displayed at Stanley Kubrick Art show, curated by Christiane Kubrick.
Brake on Art Kubrick
The estate was enriched with history, if only walls could talk.
Kubrick estate
John Meeney aka Grafeeney, Pauli Bates with kraken creative was been hand picked by Chritiane and daughter for the annual childwickbury art show on the Estate.
Where in solitude the huge Manor House that legendary film maker Stanley Kubrick filmed scenes at his home included  Full metal jacket , Clockwork Orange, The shinning and Eyes wide shut.
The artists in respect painted tributes on  location earlier this month at the art festival to the above mentioned movies.
See the snap shot video clip here.
So the  joy and excitement to have the Number 06 Art on Brake on loan to be part of this was high on the excitement scale for Brake.
20150703_173339 received_10203098744103127


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Streets of Manchester

Brake bikes took to the streets of Manchester this week.
At first appeared Manchester to be bike friendly.  But the visual absence and the pot  holed roads didn’t take me long to find out it’s not so bike friendly..

We are looking for brand compatible stockists in cities in the UK.

Manchester is high on our to tick list.
We spoke with many of the local businesses and residents and had fun at dusk til pawn  and at the living room.

The hotel Abode was superbly situated for exploring the city.
Also bike friendly .
The staff and accommodation was excellent and would definitely recommend and stay here next time.

Dinner at Michael Caines restaurant was easy after a long  day cycling to just head downstairs to the Abode restaurant.

Brake ventured out to Didsbury  and west  Didsbury via the university curry mile  all ideal  for  a brake bike.
Although the “cycle lanes ” need a lot of consideration. As do the buses to accommodate cyclist in Manchester.

Our purple single speed   stood the test of fair share of pot holes, the occasional cycle lane,  a cycle path,  buses and more pot holes.

We loved the city and see your Brake there soon.
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The Dream Corner interview


I met Rachel a few months ago at my friend Sandra’s birthday party at Chotto Matte in London.

I was immediately captured by her sophisticated humor and her incredibly strong energy.

I loved her even more when I discovered that she founded and designed a very funky, urban chic brand of single speed, limited edition bikes, called Brake Bikes.


Like me, she is very conscious about the environment and she actively respects the planet by using public transport and bikes whenever its possible.

Her concept was born in L.A. and developed in London. The result is a phenomenal fusion of Californian vib and British tradition, which keeps you fit by using your own bodyweight: just what the Doctor ordered!

Rachel is an inspiration “simply” because she is an enlightened soul and a woman who is actively committed to transform the world.

I simply ADORE her and her bikes! Let’s hope that she will design a “mum edition” soon!

Here’s what she said about herself:

What’s your name? Rachel Thomas

 Where are you from? Blackheath, London

 Where do you live? Blackheath, London

 How old are you? 33 forever

 What are your talents? I am a compassionate doer: I take action & I think about others

What do you do for living? 100 % committed to Brake Bikes

 What inspires you? People, especially the ones who have achieved something truly important for them; Life; Challenge, for it inspires me to change

 What is your contribution to the world? I create environmental way to keep fit and save the planet on bikes; I am a Kabbalah student who mentors other students; I am a leading example for teen agers with type 1 diabetes: I encourage and inspire them to overcome their challenges and live a life they love.

 What is important to you? That everybody can change and everybody can be a better person and fulfil their potential


The Dream Corner

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Art on Brake

We have celebrated our first of three collaborations with some of UK’s finest and super talented street artists.

Artista who in her own right has become a much talked about street artist, commissioned to paint  walls, canves’ and now bikes.

Rachel’s introduction to the street art world at last years Streetfest led to further discussions at The Croydon Arts quarter paint jam, where many known artist where commissioned to smarten up Croydon’s shopping area.

Through Femme Fierce we collaborated with Art on Brake with Artista.

FOR SALE £700 for the #17 purple.

It's Artista

It’s Artista


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Summer Brake

Hey Brakers.

We have been keeping busy, after spring in New York promoting the Brand and introducing The so called “joker bike” to the big apple.

The bike was well received

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April 1, 2014

Tonight is the night you can watch our bikes being rode around the bicycle capital of the world AMSTERDAM. Paul Fisher and his team in search of Supermodels do what the local in Amsterdam do, and got on their bikes. Well they got on Brake bikes, from London. The colourful bikes shone around the beautiful city. And we all had fun on set.   Look out tonight RTL5 9.30pm I can make you a supermodel

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I can make you a supermodel RTL5

Tonight is the night you can watch our bikes being rode arounf the bicycle capital of the world.

Paul Fisher and his team in search of Supermodels do what the local in Amsterdam do, and got on their bikes. Well they got on Brake bikes, from London. The colourful bikes shone around the beautiful city.

And we all had fun on set.


Look out tonight RTL5 9.30pm I can make you a supermodel

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New York New York

Hello Brakers.

After a great year establishing Brake the British bike brand, we are excited to launch in our next big City. Non other than New York.  Follow our Facebook  , our  tweets and instagram feeds,  for all the latest news.

After the successful premier of I can make you a supermodel #icamys we are excited to be on episode five. With Paul, Paulie, Lisa and Twyla on Brake bikes in Amsterdam, trying to find their girl………

Spring is looking so good right now, we have been on our bikes..


Rachel Thomas xxx



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