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Found this today and Loved it.

Style Council and Bikes in a Google search


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Review From Bike Radar

Brake Black review £350.00

A good looking bike for around town

BikeRadar score3.5/5

A no-frills hi-tensile steel frame lays the foundations for this slick-looking steed in Brake’s single-model range. Hailing from the streets of London, our bike of choice was finished in a black powder coat.

Its intentions are clear from the get-go; with no mounts for a bottle cage, mudguards or rear rack this is a solid pub bike, but you’ll have to think of another way of carrying your change of clothes if this becomes your workhorse (messenger bag, maybe!).

Look beneath the black, funky red and yellow finish and you’ll discover ball bearings within the headset, hubs and bottom bracket. In all honesty, this is a bit of a low point. We’ve seen cartridge bearings on bikes in this category and at much lower points, and as we rate them higher than the balls, it’s a clear downer in terms of value for money.

Ball bearings in the headset, hubs and bottom bracket let the bike down

Bike control derives from the 1 1/8in ahead stem with alloy riser bars. These feel stiff, especially when compared to a quill stem on the same budget, so a definite plus point giving confidence in and around traffic. Slack angles mean it’s not the nippiest ride, but providing you’re not looking to set any PBs, the Brake certainly soaks up potholes.

The wheels are a similar breed to those we’ve seen on other models at this ; the aero-style rims give a speedy impression, but they aren’t the lightest wheels you’ll find. But it’s an aesthetic pay-off — a shallower rim would have been a way of saving a little weight, but lose points for coolness. Equally, red tyres look good to the passer-by, but the actual rubber used here gives little grip on wet tarmac.

The Brake’s saddle and soft grips are colour co-ordinated

Colour co-ordinated ‘leather’ saddle and soft grips complete the package, the grips modelled on the classic fixed-gear favourite Oury. It’s an appreciated touch. The saddle is comfy, which is all too often lost on urban bikes that adopt the ‘faux retro’ look.

At close to 10kg, the weight isn’t near what we’d like a bike for getting to work fast, but its durability can’t be doubted. For £350 we’d expect a few higher-grade components but it’s certainly one to be chosen on looks.

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From Boris Bike To Brake Bike..

I was chatting with a friend this week, about the series of Brake’s blogs, with the intention of narrowing down who, and what audience we are for…

And NOT for,

He said…

“Brake is for those who understand the simplicity of a Boris Bike and now want their own Bike that is sexy!” 

images-5 Boris+Bike images-6

=  images-5 images-6


Needless to say there are some very elegant, fashionable , stylish Boris Bike riders. Just waiting to go to the next level.. 

Kendel Jennerr and Pixie Lott on A Santander Bike, is the Fashion, the style, the look, and simplicity of being in a city and having access to a bike…





THE NEXT Bike for YOU is a Brake Bike 

You care about bikes also being : Lightweight, Simple to use, Easy to maintain. [see previous Blog ] looking AWESOME and FeelingGreat.




United Colours Of Benetton 

Ohhhh But Where Can I store the bike……….. Solutions to follow.

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I Wanna Look Good On a Bike.. But where?

Friday Features.

I ask friends what they would like to know or ask about Bikes or Cycling.

This came up in varying ways…

I want to get a bike and I want to ride my bike, BUT not on the road “am scared ” or a Cycle Lane “it’s intimidating ”

images                     blackfriars-bridge-junction-cycling


As someone who’s cycled safely since a kid, has confidence and awareness on a bike, I take it for granted… and have



Here are some great options for INTO the CYCLE LANES OFF the Roads.

This is just to show HOW much we can do on designated paths.


Two of my  Favourite Local rides are along the Thames Cycle Path

Start at The Cutty Sark Head East keep going until the Thames Barrier for light refreshments and a loo break.

If still energised and loving the traffic free Flat scenic ride, keep going to Erith.

Where you can jump on the train back into London.

Or from the Station in Erith and finish up in one of the many pubs along the Thames in Greenwich!

I will give more Traffic-free routes that have plenty to offer along the way, from Country pubs to city Shopping.



Another great place to cycle Traffic free IS the local royal parks , Cyclepark in Kent ,  Lea Valley , Canal Paths , Norfolk ,

all over the country check out for cycle routes all over the UK.


Happy Friday And Here’s our  Fun Track for the Weekend, about a River, by James Bay

James Bay – Hold Back The River 

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A Braker needs to know !

Brake audience must know..


All bikes are all sourced out of Taiwan.


Bikes arrive in London in one box, part assembled.


once Purchased then straight to a professional mechanics who are trained in full assembly and servicing of the majority of bikes sold (in London )

If the new address is outside of London. Bikes will be sent to the local bike shop where a mechanic will be qualified for the job in hand.


Brake recommends all maintenance to be carried out by a professional, however, jobs such as punctures may be attempted under the supervision and pumping up the tyre can be rewarding this we would recommend trying.


So in short. Buy a Brake bike is easy, the idea of the brand is a simple lifestyle.

We design, someone does the mechanics you ride.

Pump the Jam  this weekend not necessarily your tyres. Click to listen to Pump Up the JamTechnotronic 


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Brake is NOT a Hipster Brand…

And this is why…

A Hipster:

Defined by following the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

The bikes generally accepted by the hipster, are ” retro” ” vintage “or “classic”. Its components could have been sourced from old bikes found in the shed , or off grandfather’s old favourite Bone Shaker.   A hipster will have a heightened importance of then assembling these variants; age, colour and size components into their very own Hipster Fixie. Whether built over a short time or a drawn out process. Will likely look a mix mash, and look like so much care has been put into it looking different it actually is just BAD!!

tallbike 100_3070 100_3072

I came across other views on Hipsters that thought rather amusing

Dan Fletcher in Time seems to support this theory, positing that stores like Urban Outfitters have mass-produced hipster chic, merging hipsterdom with parts of mainstream culture, thus overshadowing its originators’ still-strong alternative art and music scene.[11] According to Fletcher, “Hipsters manage to attract a loathing unique in its intensity. Critics have described the loosely defined group as smug, full of contradictions and, ultimately, the dead end of Western civilization


Julia Plevin In a Huffington Post article entitled “Who’s a Hipster?”, Julia Plevin argues that the “definition of ‘hipster’ remains opaque to anyone outside this self-proclaiming, highly-selective circle”. She claims that the “whole point of hipsters is that they avoid labels and being labeled. However, they all dress the same and act the same and conform in their non-conformity” to an “iconic carefully created sloppy vintage look”

We will Gleam and Glamourise tomorrow more on WHO Brake IS for…

Thanks for reading


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Look away Hipsters & Elitist Bike Snobs !

Brake has not been up to date on Blogging or keeping the story alive.

It’s not so easy to  convey Brake and who our unique audience is. So let’us give it go with a series of Blogs

One thing is clear who we are NOT aiming at, and this is easier to convey in conversation, face to face yet not so much via a google search!

So a good place is here, to start telling our story and making it clear WHO BRAKE is FOR by making it clear Who They ARE NOT for.

Bike Geeks : sourced from the Urban Dictionary

“Someone who is interested in cycling extends beyond mere enjoyment of the sport, and who is overly infatuated with the equipment itself. Obsessed with purchasing, or at least admiring, the very latest, overd frames, components, and even the apparel worn like spandex shorts and carbon fibre shoes.”




Unless the Carbon fibre Shoes are Gucci or the amazing  Zaha Hidid for United Nude Or  Nike Le Bron 9’s or Zoom Kobe 7’s

url                            1-nike-elite-carbon-fiber-sneakers-1


Spandex can it be stylish?  Or is it just for wearing it extremely tight or maybe it’s functional. Also known as Lycra or Elastane, Invented in the US in the 1960’s changed the Clothing Industry

This wonderful synthetic is used in an array of clothing, including Skinny Jeans, Ski wear, Bra’s , Underwear , leggings , dresses, pants, swimwear, spanx …. Not just for the tight Cycle shorts and tops…

We can ALL wear Carbon Fibre Shoes and wear our Spandex / Lycra anytime any day

Lets have some fun making a clear reference who BRAKE isn’t for …

Zaha Hadid blog by Artsy 


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Are Bikes On The Up?

Dear Brakers.

Finding it tricky to keep regular blogs. In the Month of August, we will do our and commit to the Blag page.

Yikes, that’s a promise.

Has anyone seen the change in recent months? more people on bikes, bike lanes and the super highway, and this weekend Ride London. There would appear to be an upbeat in trend. Now we want to convert those new to the sport, fitness, commute and urban travel to have their own bicycle. Boris Bikes, are they now plainly Santander’s or Kahn’s bikes. None the less eventually will convert into owning a bike???

Prudential Ride London is a great event, on Saturday , kids, families, and groups of friends all got on their bikes and rode London, with loud DJ sets around the course and 100’s and 100’s of volunteers, weaving and various speeds through Iconic London.

The ride on Sunday enormous support for all riders, volunteers and the organisers. Lots of money raised for all good causes, we really enjoy  the increasing profile cycling is receiving, it’s almost getting cool again!! We may never be Chris Froome or complete a stage at the Tour De France But we could complete any stage at Ride London.

It’s great and we really love seeing everyone on bikes, not just the aged die-hards or the hand built hipster! Anyone and Everyone can ride a bike and enjoy it…







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Lewisham Card

Martin Turner May 5, 2016 Lewisham cardlewisham card

If you’re a cyclist in need of a bike, or even just a cyclist, listen up. Summer is (hopefully) just around the corner and those long country rides in the gleaming sunshine might soon become a reality. In light of this, one of our superb local businesses on the scheme have decided to offer an exclusive May offer on their bikes, allowing you to purchase just in time for the season at a hugely reduced rate…

Brake Bikes is the brainchild of Blackheath based designer and cycling enthusiast Rachel Thomas. Her ingenious and wholly unique bike designs were conceived through fusing two distinctly different mediums: Californian style, and British design. Her story is an intruiging one:

“The brakebikes concept of Brake was born whilst Rachel Thomas was living in Los Angeles. Realisation of the concept led to a fact finding visit to Taiwan for manufacturing processes. It was here that Rachel’s British design influence resulted this first edition of unique single speed bikes.”

So with this worldly hybrid of inspiration Rachel returned to the UK and now sells Brake Bikes all over London, and has them stocked in some local Bike Shops (including Pedal It), in Lewisham and Greenwich.

The first edition Brake Bikes are three designed single speed bikes, in specific three-colour combinations. Limited to less than 100 in each colour combination, they are also numbered and exclusive to each buyer.
Brake Bikes Lewisham Card
Brake Bikes
Brake Bikes Lewisham Card
The consistency and distinction of this unique brand of Bike means that their tag is the same for all: £350. However, this May, Rachel is offering Lewisham Card holders a mammoth discount of £100 off all her bikes, so each will cost £250, putting you in prime position to snap up one of these colourful specimens for the rest of the year!

The discount works with a special code for the Lewisham Card; all you need to do is comment below with your name and email address (if you’d prefer to message or email us your email address that’s fine, and we’ll send you the code. From there you can order your Bike through her site using the code. Be quick, as stock is limited!

As cycling becomes ever more popular and necessary in our heavily polluted city, think before you buy and make the most of what’s on offer. Leave over-d and poor-service Halfords alone and instead shop with local retailers such as Brake Bikes, Pedal It (Lee), Compton Cycles (Catford), or Vaidas Cycles (Honor Oak) – all fantastic independent bike shops in our borough ready to you choose your dream bike!

Find out more and order your Bike from Brake Bikes’ website here

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Why Black, Red and Yellow

Why Black Brake.

This is why
trouble-9682      Trouble
When living in LA I ironically discovered by chance and Art exhibition on Abbot Kinney in Venice whilst my mother was visiting.
We instantly where both instantly drawn to Paul Incest work and fun street art / graffiti icons and images.
And I particularly fell in love with the aptly named “Trouble”
After moving back to london had a birthday where My parents unveiled my gift it was copy # of Troubled
I loved the bold black and striking Red and Yellow eyes.
So when I was designing the first Brake editions it was obvious to me to use the same colours. Black Frame – body, Red and yellow rimes eyes… The tyres and wheels.
Initially creating Brake as a Brand inspired from the urban environment, street art is highly influential to Brake.
Leaving ambiguity in calling the range by the frame colour, leaves the owners own interpretation.
The back edition, has been called the Super hero iron man, and our very favourite  Mickey Mouse
images-7            images
Germans, spainish, people from Belgium and Angola use them as patronage,
images-2images images-3 images-2
A local labour councillor bought one as one of his campaign tools.
Football teams in England not just for the World Cup, are Man Utd, charlton athletic.
images-6 images-5
Brake Bikes 8


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