Summertime folks

The Nepal fundraiser Art on Brake by Grafeeny was displayed at Stanley Kubrick Art show, curated by Christiane Kubrick.
Brake on Art Kubrick
The estate was enriched with history, if only walls could talk.
Kubrick estate
John Meeney aka Grafeeney, Pauli Bates with kraken creative was been hand picked by Chritiane and daughter for the annual childwickbury art show on the Estate.
Where in solitude the huge Manor House that legendary film maker Stanley Kubrick filmed scenes at his home included  Full metal jacket , Clockwork Orange, The shinning and Eyes wide shut.
The artists in respect painted tributes on  location earlier this month at the art festival to the above mentioned movies.
See the snap shot video clip here.
So the  joy and excitement to have the Number 06 Art on Brake on loan to be part of this was high on the excitement scale for Brake.
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