Dear Brakers.

Finding it tricky to keep regular blogs. In the Month of August, we will do our best and commit to the Blag page.

Yikes, that’s a promise.

Has anyone seen the change in recent months? more people on bikes, bike lanes and the super highway, and this weekend Ride London. There would appear to be an upbeat in trend. Now we want to convert those new to the sport, fitness, commute and urban travel to have their own bicycle. Boris Bikes, are they now plainly Santander’s or Kahn’s bikes. None the less eventually will convert into owning a bike???

Prudential Ride London is a great event, on Saturday , kids, families, and groups of friends all got on their bikes and rode London, with loud DJ sets around the course and 100’s and 100’s of volunteers, weaving and various speeds through Iconic London.

The ride on Sunday enormous support for all riders, volunteers and the organisers. Lots of money raised for all good causes, we really enjoy  the increasing profile cycling is receiving, it’s almost getting cool again!! We may never be Chris Froome or complete a stage at the Tour De France But we could complete any stage at Ride London.

It’s great and we really love seeing everyone on bikes, not just the aged die-hards or the hand built hipster! Anyone and Everyone can ride a bike and enjoy it…